CAE platform cloud-based solution

Cloudize traditional CAE platforms and supporting a unified architecture to build agile, elastic and professional simulation cloud environment

Status of CAE simulation

High cost & long duration
Low utilization
Complex O&M


Small Simulation Team

For enterprises with less than 5 people who need to do simulation in the cloud with a light load and a temporary surge in simulation demand, Yuansuan provides an agile and elastic one-stop cloud simulation platform

Super Cloud Graphics Workstation
No need to install and deploy software locally, you can use CAE application online directly
More applications
Covering more than 80% of the mainstream simulation applications
Better Experience
Performance comparable to that of graphics workstation, powered by HPC
Flexible billing
On-demand use, supports flexible billing methods such as annual and monthly
Stable performance
99.99% stability, avoiding simulation failures due to hardware and network issue
Data Security
Supports localized management or secure storage in the cloud

Utilize existing HPC cluster

It meets the needs of localized simulation clusters for elastic capacity expansion, connects the local cluster and cloud, realizes hybrid scheduling and management

Hybrid Cloud Simulation Platform Solution
Elastic Scaling
Leverage the elastic scaling benefits of the cloud to rapidly scale your simulation applications
Economical on-demand
On-demand use of the cloud platform services, the economic investment is significantly reduced
Instant download
Simulation results can be quickly synchronized locally without relying on dedicated lines
Simplified Maintenance
IT department can supervise local and cloud simulation applications on one platform
Data Security
Supports localized management of simulation data or secure storage in the cloud

Large simulation teams

For large simulation teams using workstations, we can deploy GPU clusters locally, flexibly and efficiently allocate resources, and connect with cloud platforms for immediate HPC acceleration

Centralized Management for Graphics Workstations
Centralized Management
Enables IT departments to centrally manage GPU resources by distributing laptop
Cut hardware costs
Simulation performance comparable to workstations,70% reduction in hardware investment
Efficient than local workstation
Use your laptop for simulation work anytime, anywhere, with far greater overall efficiency

Create new local cluster

For enterprises who need to build new local clusters, CSP private deployment solution can support the expansion at any time

Cloud Simulation Platform Private Deployment
Convenient and Expandable
When you need a larger cluster or build a cloud platform, Yuansuan can deploy the service quickly
Full Management
Equipment maintenance, program optimization, data analysis, and resource prediction for cluster stability

Solution Advantages

Save 30%-80% Costs

In hundreds of cases, Yuansuan has not only met the information security compliance requirements of enterprises, but also helped them save 30%-80% of the cost of investment

Save 30%-80% Costs

Better understanding of CAE simulation

Compared with various public clouds, CSP has the advantages of elastic scaling of computing resources, fast transmission of simulation data, high stability and multi-scenario simulation applications

Better understanding of CAE simulation

Multiple deployment methods

Provides deployment methods including public cloud, hybrid cloud, private and so on

Multiple deployment methods

Professional consulting services

A consulting team consisting of industry experts, senior simulation engineers and HPC operation and maintenance experts helps you develop simulation capabilities better

Professional consulting services

Security guarantee

Provide five grade security in system, application, data, network and cloud, ensure the legal compliance of CAE simulation applications on the platform

Security guarantee

Successful Cases

An automobile OEM
Yuansuan's solution cuts an enterprise's five-year software/hardware costs by at least 60% compared to self-expansion, maximizing local cluster resource usage. A unified portal manages both local and cloud clusters
A R&D center of a group
Compared to the "1 person, 1 workstation" model, Yuansuan cuts hardware and system costs by over 70%. Its performance matches local workstations and supports remote work and scalability
A R&D center in China of a foreign enterprise
Yuansuan's solution cuts enterprise startup costs by 80% compared to buying software and clusters. It offers rapid deployment with same-day account activation and supports remote engineer collaboration
A global wellknown automotive design company
Yuansuan ensures 99.99% platform stability and boosts data transmission by over tenfold. It allows immediate simulation job submissions without queuing, maximizing calculation efficiency for quicker project completion